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We are specialized in production of hardwood flooring and wooden stairs of a superior quality. You can find us at Boroşneu Mare, Jud. Covasna, Romania.
tel./fax: 040-267-374333


  • Hardwood floor

    Hardwood floor bring to your home warm,color and texture.A good finish bring out the true beauty. and makes it easier to clean.
  • Advantages

    Floors covered with hardwood present a natural beauty, they are durable, and gives value for your home.
  • The floor

    Hardwood flooring - eco parchet - looks extraordinary allmoast evrywhere, they fit in various places like libraries, entrys, bedrooms, offices etc.
  • Aspect

    The appearance of the hardwood flooring after finishing depends on the grain of the wood, the forecasted traffic and the customer's choice.



Wooden flooring is chilly summertimes and warm in winter.

* increases your property value

* it is soft, durable, economical

* versatile, flexible, durable

* easy to clean and store

* indicated in allergies to dust

* exceptional quality

* exceptional durability

* timeless

* warm feeling

Color variations

Red Oak is characterized by a strong open grain pattern, enhanced by random streaks and swirls. Oak varies from light gold to deep reddish brown.

When choosing a color always look at the real world sample.



Why hardwood flooring?

Hardwood Flooring is the ideal choice for interior arrangements,  because it provides a multitude of advantages:

* it is natural and sustainable

* increases estethical value

* presents multiple functional advantages

Wooden flooring creates a warm, intimate atmosphere, giving an elegant image of any type of building (public or habitat) and it integrates into any style: from antique to modern, from rustic to exotic.

Moreover, due to low conductivity, it helps to maintain a constant-temperature environment, wooden floors are warm in winter and refreshing in summertime.



Using adhesive, we can obtain acoustic and thermal insulation.inside of a building. Wood is an elastic material, while resistant to wear and climatic variations, which is recommended as an ideal material for flooring.



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